My husband had heated floors installed

I really didn’t know what to think when my husband talked about getting heated floors installed in our home.

I thought we already had a great heating system and I saw no reason to spend money on something that wasn’t needed.

I kind of liked the cool floors and the refreshing feeling they provided. Also, we had a lot of other upgrades we could do for the house but then again he gets to choose one upgrade to our house each year. So I really don’t question his decisions on that because nine times out of ten he makes the right call. I trust this man to continue to make great decisions for our family. He hasn’t let us down so far. So the heated floors needed to be installed by an HVAC tech which wasn’t something I really thought we needed but my husband already contacted the heating and cooling company. I know he wants to do the whole house and that I know can be extremely pricey but my husband makes really good money and he knows our expenses better than anyone of us. The only thing that he really didn’t take into account was our son who really didn’t want the heated floors installed but I’m sure when the weather gets colder, the heated floors will be an amazing addition to the house. So the HVAC tech named Tom came over and laid out a plan with my husband for when the installation will begin. I work from home so our schedule is available anytime but I’m hoping that the HVAC tech isn’t noisy installing them or I might lose my mind.

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