Looking forward to the cooling rain at last

It never actually seems to rain when I want it to.

That is just really something I’ve noticed.

When I am in the middle of tied up traffic and I don’t want it to rain? Then there’s a downpour. But when it is in the 90s outside and I am hoping for rain to cool the uneven temperatures in my home, there is not a single storm cloud in sight. It just really figures. Well for once at least, I was definitely going to get fortunate, because when I looked on my weather app, it told me that it was supposed to rain during the week, then finally! I have been looking forward to the rain, not only because my plants desperately need it, but the uneven temperatures will cool down as well. I regularly could use the actual a/c component to cool down my home, but the heating and air conditioning machine, as efficient as it is, is incredibly luxurious to run, and my heating and air conditioning unit isn’t in the best shape, so I try not to run the cooling component all that often. The rain definitely cools everything down for free! Well, the day came when it was supposed to rain, and I was disappointed to only get a legitimately light shower. The sky was barely even gray outside. The light shower barely did anything, and now it was warm and humid outside. Since it wasn’t supposed to rain again until next week, I decided I’ll just use the heating and cooling component after all, even though it is luxurious. Hopefully my associate and I can get an enjoyable thunderstorm soon.