Lack of various temperature control is driving me crazy

Something that drives me crazy is when I don’t have control over my own life.

I have sadly been in situations like that, but thankfully, that was in the past and I have managed to get out of that situation and I now live in my own apartment.

However, there are still some things I don’t have control of, and one of them seems to be the temperature control. The temperature control for my heating and a/c seems to not be laboring for whatever reason. This is terrible enough, it is even worse when it is in the middle of summer time, when the uneven temperatures are at their peak. I have called my landlord over and over, trying to get him to remedy the situation, and he regularly says the same thing. He’ll send out the heating and air conditioning tech later today. Does the heating and air conditioning worker ever show up? No. I sincerely think he just says that without ever contacting a heating and cooling professional. It’s incredibly frustrating, and the lack of temperature control is driving me crazy! I decided to try and call him again at least one more time, and he said the same thing. I waited and waited, and no A/C specialist ever showed up, as I figured. I decided to call the local cooling corporation, and they were able to send out a heating and air conditioning specialist the same day. The A/C professional showed up a few hours later, and a few hours after that, my heating and air conditioning component and laboring was enjoyable as new.

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