I need the electric heater to be on

My family likes to keep messing with the dial thermostat all the time.

They don’t know if they like to have the electric heater on or off.

My brother claims that the electric heating after a period of time makes him feel sick but I feel fine. My parents do everything for him and if he isn’t feeling good about something, then they will adjust to make sure he is fine. They really don’t care if they are cold or not. I can say I need the electric heater on and it stinks that my voice isn’t heard. They tell me to grab a blanket and put on slippers to keep my feet warm. This isn’t acceptable. I live here as well and they need to know that my needs are important! Recently, my dad had an HVAC technician install a smart thermostat for my brother and he has access to it or his cellphone. This is a bit ridiculous because I don’t have access. It’s not only the electric heating he controls. My brother gets to choose what we eat for dinner on Wednesdays and Saturdays. My mom claims it’s “national weekly sons days.” What about daughter days? If we want to watch a movie, he chooses the type of film we watch. It’s annoying! I love my brother and my family but things have to change. I don’t want to adjust for someone else every time they want something their way. It’s getting to that point that I need to talk to my parents about the smart thermostat and the heating controls. I’m tired of not being heard.

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