I don’t believe the HVAC technician

Who is this guy? This HVAC technician is trying to convince me that my air filters need to be replaced.

I swear they were replaced a few months ago but I can’t quite remember.

This guy isn’t John. John is my favorite heating and cooling technician who always makes sure that I have the best experience when he comes over to look at my HVAC system. He is so knowledgeable and he has been with the HVAC company for a very long time. This guy that stands in front of me I have never seen before. Also, it looks like he just started to work for the heating and cooling company. So I really don’t believe his judgment on my air filters. He probably is trying to charge me for something I don’t need now. I asked him to call John but he says that John is on paternity leave. I would know if John and his wife were having a baby. He tells me everything and we share stories. Still, this HVAC technician is trying to convince me that if I don’t have the air filters changed, then there is a possibility of something going wrong with my HVAC system in the future. He then provided me his phone number if I change my mind and said to call the HVAC business if I need another HVAC tech to take a look at my heating and cooling system. I really don’t want to work with anyone else and if John is on paternity leave, then I can wait till he comes back. I’m sure my air filters will be ok even though the HVAC tech is telling me that I should have them changed.