I decided to have heated floors installed

I made the decision that this year my family will enjoy heated floors in our house.

I’m very excited about this addition because I always wanted them.

I know this can be expensive and I’m prepared to pay whatever the cost but it is something that’s going to happen. I know every year I make a new addition or change to the house and my wife says I can. I’m sure she would let me do more but I’ll stick to one change a year. I make enough money to do multiple changes to the house but I want to always look forward to something new every year. Last year wasn’t so exciting but a new roof is still nice. I think my son isn’t exactly on board for the heated floors but I’m sure he will be fine eventually. He tends to forget he hates stepping on the cold floor during the winter. I already contacted the HVAC company and spoke to Tom, who happens to be the HVAC tech that will be doing the heated floors. The one thing that my wife has and I don’t have is a job working from home so I can schedule repairs or new things every year. I’m slightly jealous that she has that lifestyle but it’s good that one of us has it. Then again, I don’t think I can work from home all the time. I love getting out and talking to people. The heated floor installation will take place next week and Tom said it won’t take very long and we can enjoy them by the weekend.


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