Grandpa's fireplace keeps me warm

I always looked forward to visiting my grandfather’s home.

Something about him and his house always made me feel comfortable and loved.

Every time I was there, I always went to the living room. It was the warmest place in his whole house. That is because he had a fireplace and besides the warmth, watching the flames was mesmerizing as well as the cracking sound of the wood burning. I would lay on his couch and watch the flames until I would doze off. It was the most comforting place out of any I could think of. My parent’s house wasn’t that great and the heater hardly worked at all. I guess it probably worked but the walls were so thin that it felt like either the heat was escaping, or cold air was rushing in. It wasn’t comforting at all and I know they had an HVAC tech come to the house and he said there wasn’t anything wrong with the HVAC system. He said other things but I wasn’t really listening. After all, I am only ten so heating and cooling aren’t really important to me unless I’m cold or hot. All I know is the winter or cold summer nights are always a great place to be at grandpa’s. He will make sure that I’m comfortable and have a great night of sleep. I know my parents love the fact I like going there but they really don’t know that I want to be home. I just find that the heat from the fireplace feels safer and more comforting.

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