You should have listened to me about the furnace.

I knew there was something wrong with the furnace, although I didn’t know how to describe what was happening.

My hubby worked twelve hours a afternoon.

When she got home, she wanted her dinner and a few hours to relax before going to bed. She didn’t want to be bothered with nit picky arguments, or with things that could wait until the weekend. When I mentioned the furnace, I should have known she didn’t want to hear it. I was sure I was hearing things in the ductwork, and it only happened when the furnace turned on, but since it was Spring, the furnace didn’t turn on often, so you didn’t consistently hear the noise. She looked at me and asked if this could not wait, not even realizing my great friend and I were talking about the Heating plus Air Conditioning system. That weekend, my great friend and I were resting at the table in the dining room eating dinner. She saw a mouse head pop up out of the air vent, and then disappear. When she asked if I saw the mouse, I told him it could wait until dinner was over, and then I could discuss. She started to talk about the mouse in the air vent, and I asked if it coldn’t wait until dinner was over. I was hoping she knew I was paraphrasing her wanted to wait until the weekend. As soon as dinner was over, she brought up the mouse. I told him she should have listened when I told him about the furnace. I had been hearing noises when the furnace turned on, and yeahterday I realized there were mice in the ductwork.

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