I’m proud of my child and her accomplishments

My wifey and I got a divorce when our child was 12 years old; My wifey moved away and I did not get to see my child easily often.

My wifey was not the best mother and our child had a couple of concerns when she was a teenager, she ended up in a lot of trouble and had to serve community repair when she got busted for vandalism, then a month after she was done with her community repair sentence, she was caught up in a burglary.

My wifey was sad that our child was going to end up in prison, so she called me. My associate and I arranged for our child to move in with me, then i didn’t know how things were going to be, because I had not seen my child in 5 years. I thought that it was going to be taxing for the two of us to get along. It was nice for my child to be away from her friends and her mother. I saw a whole weird child after she moved in with me. She started going to school every single afternoon and she stayed out of trouble. She graduated from private school and started a technical school program at the correspondent school. In 14 months she managed to gain a degree in Heating and Air Conditioning science. She got her Nate certification and now works as an Heating and Air Conditioning replacement tech for a immense commercial and residential repair business. My wifey tries to take all of their credit for sending our child to live with me, however Jack did all of the taxing toil on her own.


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