My sibling wanted me to find something for Jack

My nephew Jack turned 18 a month ago and she has been talking about getting a task.

My sibling called to see if I could find something for Jack on the weekends. My sibling did not want Jack to get a full-time or part-time task, because she was sad that the schedule would not be versatile and she would not be able to keep up with school and athletic interests. I told my sibling that I would talk to Jack about a task at the Heating and Air Conditioning repair business. I own a small Heating and Air Conditioning repair business. I have 10 employees and four trucks. I own a 3,500 ft building where I keep supplies. I usually have one of my guys come in on Sunday and Monday to wipe and organize, however I told Jack that I would spend money him for 4 hours a afternoon on each afternoon if she wanted something part-time… That would provide him a little bit of money in her pocket however still provide him plenty of free time. I even told Jack that she could toil any 4 hours she wanted on Sunday and Monday. I provided to provide him a key to the shop. My sibling thought I was deranged for giving Jack a key to the Heating and Air Conditioning repair and replacement supply warehouse, however I knew everything would be just fine. I trust Jack and I was willing to provide him a little bit of responsibility. My sibling was used to treating him like a baby and I think they would have a much better relationship if she would treat him like an 18-year-old man instead.

a/c serviceman