The trunk of my vehicle has a bouncing air conditioner

My car appears to be having a problem.

  • I’m feeling uneasy because there is a lot of banging in the back.

I constantly hear bangs as I go over bumps. I’m hoping that nothing is wrong with my struts or anything else. The cost of having a mechanic fix my car is something I really don’t want to pay. It doesn’t matter; my anxiety set in, and I was unable to drive to work any longer due to my fear that it would crash en route. The mechanic’s shop was waiting until it opened in another 15 minutes when I pulled up. Since I wasn’t going to drive anywhere, I didn’t mind waiting for 15 minutes. I see you arrived a little early. Can I help you? the mechanic said when he emerged after waiting for 5 minutes. I told him that I thought my car might have a serious problem and he agreed to take a look. No problem, let’s bring it in, he said. After some time, he declared that my car was in perfect condition. I told him that I was very perplexed and that when I hit bumps on the awful roads we have, loud noises can be heard. Then he inquired as to whether I had searched the trunk for any items. A small air conditioner was slightly damaged from all the moving when I opened my trunk. I was giving this to the thrift shop when I realized that my husband had an HVAC technician install central air conditioning in our house. Since I was feeling foolish, I thanked the mechanic for his assistance and informed him that I would now have to dispose of a broken air conditioner. He assured me that he will discard it and that there is no need for me to make any payment. I should remember to check the trunk more frequently.

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