The air conditioning bothers my boyfriend

I’ve been dating Eric for about a year now.

I have never met a man who is as sweet and kind.

He once told me that he had gone through a long line of women before coming across me. I kind of thought that was a lie, but a year has passed and his longest relationship before mine lasted just three months. He doesn’t let me turn on the air conditioning is the only thing I don’t like, but I believe we’ll get there eventually. He just doesn’t like the cold, which is unfortunate but not a deal breaker. He lets me eat any kind of ice cream I want, and the freezer is stocked with everything I need. This relationship would have ended a long time ago if he hadn’t let me eat whatever I wanted. The fact that we never have to call the cooling company or invite a cooling technician to our home is, I suppose, a positive. However, a year has passed without any new problems. He is nice in general, but I don’t like how his brother occasionally sneaks over. I also dislike the fact that he snuck into my ice cream. Although I can see this relationship continuing, if he wants it to last, I will most definitely be using the air conditioning. I do love him, but I’m also getting sick of taking cold showers. I can see myself eating ice cream for the rest of my life, but I know that someday I’ll start to gain weight from it, and that is something I cannot allow to happen. On the other hand, I might be very content and at ease by that time.


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