I slipped into the window air conditioner

This summer has not been easy.

When I started my roofing business a few years ago, I should have known that there would likely be times when I would work more than 60 hours per week.

Being in the sun all day has taken a toll on my body, making it agonizing. I don’t get much sleep because I work so much. I have a small fear that one day I’ll fall off a roof and that would be it, I would be gone. My family only gets to see a small portion of the excessive coffee I consume. I believe I drink eight coffees daily. Therefore, if I don’t fall off a roof, I might have a heart attack as a result of everything. I’m drinking too much, I’m aware of that, but I have to keep going until I can hire more roofers. Finding trustworthy, capable individuals can be challenging. There is nothing I can do to conceal the exhaustion I am feeling from my family. I had a scary experience yesterday. I lost consciousness after becoming mentally fuzzy. They claim that when I woke up this morning, I slammed my face into the window air conditioner. I was a little disoriented from the medication, but they said I had a mild concussion, so they are keeping me in the hospital until the doctor clears me to go. My son informed me that John, our neighbor and HVAC specialist, is taking care of the window air conditioner because I believe I struck it so hard that it flew out the window. We’re fortunate to have a neighbor who works for the HVAC company nearby, but I need to hire more roofers to prevent this from happening again.

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