The posh law firm gets a well-deserved HVAC maintenance

My wife was delighted when the posh law firm she worked for made her partner.

She is an excellent criminal lawyer and well deserves the position.

She had been working toward becoming a partner since she started working at the firm three years ago. She had just wrapped up a high-profile case when the directors made her a partner. I work as an HVAC professional at my HVAC company. While my work involves helping with indoor comfort, my wife fights for her client’s rights. I was surprised and happy to get a call from the law firm to help with their HVAC unit. The air conditioning system had malfunctioned a couple of times, and though the firm’s maintenance team had changed the AC filters, the unit kept breaking down after a while. The air conditioner installation occurred a few years ago, and the firm’s finance department was not ready to purchase a new system. I was excited that I would get to see my wife. We got to the firm at about midday. I could never get used to the firm’s tremendous and expensive interior decor. It was the best criminal law firm in the country, and it showed. The HVAC maintenance revealed a few worn-out parts, which the a/c worker replaced. We also re-sealed the ductwork and cleaned the air duct to improve indoor air quality. As we wrapped up the home service, my wife came by to say hi to me and my team of skilled HVAC technicians, most of whom had visited my home and already met my wife. They were all happy to meet the most famous lawyer in the country. We left for the office after finishing the job.