On the fence about cooling in the home

I have heard all the hype about portable gas heating systems and portable cooling systems. However, I am pretty much on the fence about the concept of using them in place of our central heating and air conditioner unit. The reason I say this is that I do not feel that a portable gas furnace or a portable air conditioner could combat real poor heat or cold the same way as a central heating and cooling unit can. As a matter of fact, portable heating and air conditioner units, in my opinion, also create extra dry air in your home, especially when it comes to portable space heaters. Portable cooling systems not as much, but those portable gas heating systems can be murder you if they get too sizzling hot or run for too long. I guess because I tried using one in my family room for a few months and it absolutely made myself and others feel poor from the dry air it created. It also set my dust sensitivities off and gave me a dry cough, so I got rid of it. I have mixed feelings altogether on portable gas heating systems and portable cooling systems. In one light they are and can be good in the short term, but as an upgrade for the common central heating and air conditioner, I would say no way in the world would I even consider doing that! All for the reasons that I stated above. You may not agree, although I am just speaking from my personal experience with both types of portable heating and air conditioner equipment.