My first time in a temple: fixing the air conditioning system

I do not associate myself with any religion, but I am not oblivious to how beautiful the different worship centers are, especially the temples, be they Hindu or Jewish.

I have heard that there is a Jewish temple in the neighborhood, but I never got the chance to visit it.

Last week, we received a call from the HVAC company to send over HVAC technicians to check on the unit. I requested to be part of the team of a/c workers that would visit the temple to help with indoor comfort because I needed to see the beauty of the unit. We arrived at the temple at 6 pm on a humid Thursday evening. The temple was empty except for a few worshippers and the workers who kept the building clean and safe. We found the air conditioning system at the back of the temple and could see the ductwork meandering around the back rooms. Upon closer inspection, after running comprehensive HVAC maintenance, we discovered that the unit was faulty and could no longer function optimally. We did a quick fix but suggested to the temple’s maintenance team to consider getting a new air conditioner installation for better results. The team called us after a few weeks and requested we do the installation after they installed a new HVAC unit. We were back at the temple the following day, and I just could not get enough of the beautiful place of worship, and the congregants were polite. For the AC filters, we opted for the ones from HEPA that would ensure the air ducts remained clean and free from contaminants. Our home services dictate showing the customer how to change the filters so they can do it independently.


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