Living with good heaters

Heating and air conditioning has surely changed a lot from when I was growing up! Today’s world of heating and air conditioning is way different and to be honest, much better! Back when I was a child not many people had air conditioners, however if they did it was window air conditioner units.

But central heating and air conditioner was only available for commercial buildings and suppliers, along with the absolutely rich, who were able to afford the high cost of central heating and air conditioner in those days.

Today, central heating and air conditioner is more or less the norm and nearly pretty much everyone in the USA has central heating and air conditioner in their houses. Some may still be using hot water boilers and window cooling systems, but those are absolutely few and far between. Also on top of all that, a portable heating and air conditioner unit is something that people have or can get for a pretty cheap price, when they want to save on energy use for their central heating and cooling systems. As a matter of fact, I have a nice portable gas furnace that I use to give my central heating and cooling system a break! Also, portable heating and air conditioner units are much more powerful today versus yesteryear, and when I was growing up my friend and I did not have portable cooling systems, but these real weak swamp coolers. And for portable space heaters, well, they were not so portable and they did not heat an entire room for hours. They would only heat a small space like a lavatory. Wow, have things changed!

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