A new air conditioning system for the rental apartments

Uncle Tom works as a contractor, and his main field is extending houses, plumbing, and fixing broken furniture.

When I got my first apartment building, it was in poor condition.

Uncle Tom and his team helped improve the structure so that I could start renting the apartments and pay for the renovations. Before opening the facility up to tenants, uncle Tom thought installing an air conditioning system would be beneficial. He linked me with AN HVAC technician who owned an HVAC company downtown. The HVAC professionals helped with the air conditioning installation and put up the ductwork with a special sealant that would not come off when summer set in. To help with indoor comfort, we installed specialized AC filters to improve the air quality within each house. The realtor had recommended we have a functioning unit for the houses to sell as soon as possible. According to the requirements of the home services, the a/c workers scheduled the next HVAC maintenance, which would include cleaning the air ducts. They also illustrated how to change the filters in the future without the help of a professional. With the building renovated and a new HVAC unit, it was ready to occupy. The houses filled up very fast, and we started doing business. I would pay uncle Tom after a couple of months. The contractors had done an excellent job with the old building, which looked as good as new. I got word from the tenants that the indoor comfort was stellar, and they enjoyed living in the building. I had never thought of becoming a landlord and wondered how far in life and my finances I would be if I had done it earlier.


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