Duct sealing resolves AC problems

They steadily worked to form a tight seal

Last summer, I had a lot of complaints with my air conditioner. Although the cooling unit was only three years old, I noticed a significant increase in my monthly electric bills. The air conditioner was running a lot more often and yet struggling to match the thermostat setting. There were certain rooms that constantly felt overheated and clammy. The air from the vents had a musty smell and there seemed to be more dust and other particles circulating in the air. When I realized that I was suffering from frequent headaches, congestion and a tendency to sneeze whenever I spent more than a couple of hours inside, I called a local HVAC contractor for air conditioner repair. The technician inspected the inner workings of the cooling unit and then tested the ductwork. He discovered that small holes and gaps at the connections of the pipes were allowing approximately 25% of the conditioned air to leak out. Fortunately, his company offers Aeroseal duct sealing, which is a process that fixes flaws in the ductwork from the inside. The repairs are non-invasive, verified by way of a computer program and guaranteed for ten years. The technician covered the supply and return vents and then pumped highly pressurized air containing polymer particles into the ductwork. As the air escaped, these adhesive particles adhered to the edges. They steadily worked to form a tight seal. The Aeroseal duct sealing was completed in a couple of hours and without causing any odors, residue or mess. It resolved all of the problems with the air conditioner.


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