The air vents were really dirty and gross

It does not seem like the air vents in the building in which I work are ever disinfected. The people I was with along with myself have worked at this company for a very long time. Most of us don’t remember ever seeing any type of heating or air conditioning repair service come to this building even if it’s to work on small problems. All of us have seen a commercial company here or there but it never seems like they are definitively fixing the problems with the heating or air conditioning system. This year has been a single of the definitely Frosty winter seasons that my associate as well as myself have had. Our heating system was not regularly working very well in addition to the fact that they thought things needed to be shut down regularly. Building temperatures were Frosty as well as the two of us had some problems with the work in our cubicles. Some of the employees said that it was far too Frosty to sit at their desk. It seemed important that the local heating company come to care for the system and on that day I was ready. All of us knew that my associate in addition to myself would have a heat wave in addition to it would be necessary for the air conditioning system to work well. I definitely think it would be nice if they also cleaned the air vents. The air vents inside of the building are extremely dirty and gross and could definitely use a little bit of tender loving care.


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