Our handyman refuses to work on the oil furnace

Our handyman can do just pretty much anything at all around the property, but he says that he has to draw the line at some point.

He says that he is perfectly superb with toiling on the roof, the windows, the doors, plus even the wood burning fireplace, however he simply can’t work on the heating plus cooling equipment in our house. He says that he can’t do it because of his conscience. I guess the fact that he has no particular training in the Heating plus Air Conditioning profession just keeps him from feeling as though he can work on gas furnaces plus air conditioning equipment for some reason. He says that he knows a lot about Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment, however he just can’t do it because he is afraid that he may end up causing a crucial concern with the electrical equipment that is connected to the Heating plus Air Conditioning system. I guess I can understand what he is saying, but I don’t prefer the fact that my buddy and I have to find someone else to do all of the work on our Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment for us. I guess it’s pretty safe to say that my buddy and I are entirely spoiled when it comes to getting work done on our property. Our handyman is just so relaxing at everything that it’s odd to ask anyone else to come over to do anything for us at all. I had to hire a local Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment dealer to work on our oil furnace for us this past frigid season, plus it was just honestly odd to pay someone else. I guess I understand how it goes, though. I would not have a wish to be responsible for Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment repairs, either.
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