I found two loose wires during the examination

The furnace in plant number one broke down on Monday night and the boss called me to fix the problem.

  • I was supposed to be off on Monday night, but the guy that was scheduled to work was sick.

I agreed to come to the plant because I am only 10 minutes away. I knew that I was going to be in trouble at work when I rented a house that was only a couple of miles away from the plant. I am one of the main mechanical and electrical engineers that work on the problems with the furnace. As soon as I got to the plant, I immediately got to work on the problem. I didn’t want to be there any longer than I needed. I started to visually examine all of the parts of the furnace. I immediately found two loose wires. These loose wires are actually part of the electrical system. As soon as I fixed the loose wires and attached them properly, the main electrical system came on and so did the furnace. It was very fishy and strange that the wires were loose. It almost seemed like someone would have to manually undo the wires in order for that to happen. I didn’t say anything to the plant manager. I thought maybe somebody was trying to go home early for the day. I guess they were hoping that I wouldn’t be able to find the problem as quickly as I did. If they were trying to shut down production for the night, there were plenty of other ways that would have been a lot more successful.


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