I can't hear my dad speaking

Over at my dad’s place there is a really loud heating system that makes it difficult to hear anything when I visit on some of those nights.

  • There are times when I regularly visit my own home and do things once or maybe even twice throughout the week but it is very discouraging for myself and even a couple of others.

My pals in addition to myself have had a bit of some Frosty temperatures over here and it has been particularly cold. I went to my dad’s house too make sure that there were no complications with the heating system. It was definitely roaring in addition to making a very loud sound. There are times when my dad will mumble in addition to talk and it is already something that I have a difficult time understanding but when the heating system is really loud and alarming and there is nothing that I can’t hear at all. My entire heating system and she will be definitely fixed soon due to starting over and having some others that are going crazy. I even told my dad that there is probably something that is wrong with this Heating and he said that they were doing just fine. I tried to definitely explain to the guy that that he will not work but he does not care at all. I’m afraid that that heating system will break down in the middle of the winter season and then my dad will be without heat. He does not seem to mind much at all when this type of problem is occurring. When all of us have explained that it is even difficult to hear someone then there is nothing else that we can do about it.

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