The Heating worker we hired

The Heating & Air Conditioning business that the two of us hired to work on the Heating & Air Conditioning season could not repair our gas furnace for some reason.

To be honest, I have our doubts that he was absolutely a certified Heating & Air Conditioning business… He had a card from his business plus everything, plus basically he seemed legit, but I just got a peculiar feeling from him, from the time that he showed up at our house, I just felt care about he did not suppose what he was talking about, however most of the time when you talk to a professional repairman care about a plumber, an electrician, or an Heating & Air Conditioning business, they seem to suppose exactly what they are talking about.

They even talk about things that you don’t understand at all! I’m talking about the lingo plus the vocabulary that they seem to use without thinking whenever they are trying to describe the repairs plus the issues to you as a layperson, well, this guy, while supposedly being a professional Heating & Air Conditioning business, did not even have the Heating & Air Conditioning lingo down himself. He kept saying things that did not absolutely make much sense to me plus I just got the impression that he did not absolutely suppose what he was doing. it turns out that I was right, too! He ran tests on our gas furnace for about an hour plus a half, but by the time he left, he still did not have it fixed. It was running just as poorly after he left as it was when he got there. I have a bad feeling that the two of us were somehow scammed by this guy.

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