Trying to save money on everything, even Heating as well as Air Conditioning expenses

During our Spring semesters I was unquestionably slim with a dollar, then i had to be, because I only had a part-time task as well as was struggling to pay our residing expenses, after I graduated I got a wonderful task, as well as I thought those lean nights were behind me… Thanks to COVID, a series of bad financial decisions by our government, as well as a tanking economy, I am back to struggling once again! Now I need to chop back on our spending in every way possible.

I am eating Ramen noodles as well as drinking tap water just like the old nights.

I also need to reduce our energy costs, which means running the air conditioner less frequently. This is a large a single for me, because it’s boiling down here as well as I tend to run the a/c at all times when I am at home. I adjust the temperature control a few degrees when I leave, despite the fact that I rarely turn it off entirely, but once the Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan shuts down the apartment starts heating up all afternoon long, as well as it feels like an oven when I return from work. Now I turn off the a/c when I leave for the afternoon. On top of that, I have closed down several of the air vents, so that I only use the a/c in a couple of rooms when I am home. I run the Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan less, as well as use it to cool less space, which should translate to lower energy costs. If anyone out there has better advice for a/c savings please hit myself and others up in the comments section!