Trying to save currency on everything, even HVAC expenses

During our college years I was truly slim with a dollar, i had to be, because I only had a part-time task plus was struggling to pay our residing expenses, and after I graduated I got a good task, plus I thought those lean days were behind me.

Thanks to COVID, a series of exhausting financial decisions by our government, plus a tanking economy, I am back to struggling once again, however now I need to cut back on our spending in every way possible.

I am eating Ramen noodles plus drinking tap water just like the outdated days. I also need to reduce our utility bills, which means running the a/c less frequently. This is a large a single for me, because it’s hot down here plus I tend to run the a/c at all times when I am at home. I adjust the control component a few degrees when I leave, but I rarely turn it off entirely. Once the HVAC idea shuts down the cabin starts heating up all day long, plus it feels like an oven when I return from work. Now I turn off the a/c when I leave for the day. On top of that, I have closed down numerous of the air vents, so that I only use the a/c in a couple of rooms when I am home. I run the HVAC idea less, plus use it to cool less space, which should translate to lower utility bills. If anyone out there has better advice for a/c savings please hit myself and others up in the comments section!


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