Extensive renovations call for new air duct

Over the last many years this apartment has been slowly but surely falling apart.

I try to keep up with as much as I can, but some things are too advanced for myself and others to handle.

I can change light bulbs as well as do a little light carpentry, but otherwise all I can do is kneel as well as watch while the building degrades, finally I went to the bank as well as applied for a small loan so I could pay a corporation to do all the work I have been needing for so long. The ceilings in several rooms need to be taken down as well as upgraded with new sheetrock. As that is happening, I need work done on the air duct for our central Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. I had a full inspection done a couple of weeks ago, as well as l received that while our central Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan is still in wonderful shape, the air ducts are not. There is expansive damage to the air duct, caused by the same factors that damaged the ceilings. The corporation will send in a team to service the structure of the apartment first, then later send out a seventh team to install brand new Heating as well as Air Conditioning air duct. I hired this unique corporation because they custom-build their own air ducts as well as air vents recognizably for the layout of our house. If I am going to pay for all new air ducts, I want them to last for decades, then when the work is done the performance of our central Heating as well as Air Conditioning component should be better than ever, as well as I won’t have to worry about the ceilings collapsing any more.
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