Poor airflow in my restaurant's space

I have been a line cook at a restaurant for a few months now… It is a high stress task that requires quick as well as skilled as well as decisive action. I’ve always loved cooking as well as I have quite a lot of skill in the living room so that has not the difficult part; The task is harder because of the constant stream of orders that need to be filled as well as our hostesses aren’t always on the ball when it comes to getting them right. The complications mostly come in the mix ups as well as the confusion, although I can deal with that pretty well on most afternoons. The one thing that has been aggravating myself and others the most is the actually uncomfortable working conditions within the living room. The people I was with and I seem to have actually poor air flow in the living room as well as an air conditioner method that seems to be on its way out. I’ve asked my boss what is going on with the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C method because of how warm as well as stuffy it feels in the living room although she blames it on how warm the stoves as well as friars make everything. I believe that it’s more than that… At this point, I almost want to call out an Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C professional myself as well as pay for the visit! I would not mind doing so if it meant that I could labor in much more comfortable conditions. I am start to suppose that our boss doesn’t care about the airflow as well as high temperature complications in the living room because he’s trying to save a buck, but we aren’t going to stand for it much longer.


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