Finding out that my niece is an HVAC contractor

I felt proud when I saw her in her work attire.

I came home one evening after attending my friend’s birthday party. We had surprised her at work. She had also forgotten it was her birthday. My friends and I sent her cupcakes when she was about to close her job for the day. We sent her a driver and a change of clothes. The driver took her to the best restaurant in town, where we would wait for her. She had been raving about this restaurant because of its exquisite cooling equipment. We had a lovely evening. When I returned home and turned down the thermostat, as it was a hot day, I noticed the readings on the device kept disappearing. The device would flash on and then off. I also heard weird sounds coming from the cooling unit. I had not had the opportunity to schedule quality AC service. When I called the local service provider, I was informed that the cooling technicians were fully booked, and it was the first week of summer. It was a reasonably new system since the HVAC installation occurred two years ago. I called a different HVAC business and was fortunate to book a cooling specialist to check my electric heat pump and help with indoor comfort. The next day when the HVAC contractor came to the house, I could not believe my niece was leading the operation. I felt proud when I saw her in her work attire. They restored the function of my climate control system in record time. That weekend I took my niece out for dinner, and she told me all about working at the famous cooling corporation. She told me about an exciting cooling technology that I had yet to see or experience. I am a very proud aunt.


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