I'm working on my heating and cooling articles today

I have to write twenty more articles this weekend and I am all caught up again.

This month was a little hectic with flying back overseas and with our knee news I got last week. I had a full MRI done of our knees and they told myself and others that almost all of the cartilage is gone from both knees. I am going to try using pills again to see if it gives myself and others any relief, however in the long run I am going to need double knee substituting in the next few years or so. I messed them up with duct cleaning and carrying heavy electric heat pumps and compressors up flights of stairs for nearly 35 years. I also played a ton of beach volleyball over those years and I am sure a lot of the injury came from that. I still work as a commercial heating and cooling company at the local business, however as far as volleyball goes I guess our days are numbered… I entirely just need to let go of the athletic activity and quit playing it because our shoulders are also wearing out and I shouldn’t put them under any more physical stress. I need to keep our head down and do our heating, ventilation, and A/C component work and maybe try to sell some more Wi-Fi thermostats with our online store. I can still ride our bike and swim for cardio, but I needed to avoid the pounding on our knees from playing the athletic activity I have loved for most of our life. The heating dealership where I work will have heating, ventilation, and A/C work for myself and others for several years to come.



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