Going to write six more articles about smart thermostats

I am going to treat myself to a bottle of nice cologne in the next couple of weeks to celebrate my new knees that are forthcoming.

I did a lot of extreme sports over the years, from skydiving to barefoot skiing, and have put a lot of miles on my body as a result.

But I am lucky to be alive and if I need to get some new knees to keep me going then so be it. I have lived life in my 55 years on this planet and am just happy to still be breathing. My HVAC rep boss told me that he has never seen someone go through so many injuries and still be walking like I am. I am a bit of a daredevil and I feel like I got away with something by still being able to walk and do normal activities like everyone else. Maybe besides doing the work on space heaters and hot water heaters I should write a book about life and what I have learned from it so far. I talked to some friends last night on the bench near the beach and they gave me some good advice about weathering the storms like I am going through right now. The one girl is a heating specialist and the guy is a cooling rep and they both gave me some good life advice that I will take with me down the road. I have to let go of the sport I love but some new doors are going to open that I never knew were in front of me.


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