Keeping a hedgehog alive is harder than you might think

We have had a hedgehog for the last five years, and keeping a hedgehog alive might be harder than you might think! When we first got the little animal at a local small animal show several years ago, we never thought that it would become a part of the family the way that it has.

I know that a lot of people don’t really think that small animals and rodents can become part of the family, but our little hedgehog certainly has.

We love that little animal and I know that she loves us too. It was really hard to figure out exactly the kind of heating system that we needed to get for her whenever we first got her from the show, though. She is very picky whenever it comes to the temperature in her enclosure and the types of food that she eats. Hedgehogs are really finicky little animals, if you want to know the truth. They are fun and wonderful little pets but they are difficult to keep alive. Whenever we first got her, they told us that we needed to get a little heating mat for her cage, along with a special kind of thermostat for her cage. I bought the stuff that we needed and we got the hedgehog and took her home. By the time we finally got everything set up for her in the new cage, the weather was really cooling off and it was a really good thing that we got the heating system set up for her. If we didn’t have it, then she probably would not have been able to survive with us through the winter!