The bank needed an HVAC technician they could trust.

I had read that the local bank was robbed two days ago, by their HVAC technician.

I couldn’t believe an HVAC technician would be that dishonest, but you never know.

They were talking to the local HVAC company and said they wanted an HVAC technician they could trust. The owner of the company asked my husband if he would be interested in being the HVAC technician for the bank. My husband knew the man they were trying to put in jail for the robbery, and he knew he wouldn’t have done such a thing. My husband refused the job, but the HVAC company owner was insistent. He said they needed an HVAC technician they could trust. After almost an hour of begging, my husband relented, but he said he had a condition. They would need to do a thorough investigation into the robbery. He knew his friend and he would never be that dishonest. He said they had to find who actually stole the money before they tried to blame him for the next theft. Three weeks later, the HVAC company owner found out that one of the tellers had taken the money and blamed it on the HVAC technician. He was exonerated for all charges, but he refused their apology. He siad he wouldn’t work for the bank again, and he was going to talk to his friend, who was now handling their HVAC account.He didn’t want to see his friend, their present HVAC technician get blamed the next time something happened. My husband told the owner of the HVAC company he wouldn’t work for them any longer.


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