The health club at church is always freezing

For some reason, the gym at our church is always freezing cold.

  • That’s really nice in the Summer when the weather is hot outside, but while I was in the Winter time it is not a good thing at all.

Even though every one of us have a nice high efficiency heating method set up in the gym, the arena still gets really cold. I don’t think if there is something going on with the Heating & A/C method or what, but there is really something going on. All of us use the gym all the time for all kinds of things, & since the heating method isn’t laboring right now, nobody can really do anything in there at all. I think that there are several people who want to use the gym area for parties & ceremony showers & even a baby shower, but they know appreciate they can’t do it right now because the temperature in the gym doesn’t seem to get above 63 degrees for some reason. All of us have a guy who does all of the service labor here at the church despite the fact that he says that there doesn’t seem to be anything that he can do about the heating situation in the gym. He says that every one of us need to call the commercial Heating & A/C company who deals with the heating & cooling method in the building in order to get the gym situation figured out. I suppose he’s easily right, but there’s really nothing that I can do about it. I think that the service guy or the head superintendent is going to have to be the a single to call & make the appointment with the Heating & A/C corporation. They won’t come if I’m the a single who calls.

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