Solving the air problem in our modern site

I have always wanted to live on the edge of a desert, but not the middle of a desert, of course, because I am not a lunatic… What I wanted most was to have a home overlooking the vast, gorgeous deserts of the southwest, and yet still be close enough to civilization to get Amazon deliveries, in other words, I wanted to be a hermit but not live off the grid and do things love hunt our own food and chop firewood for heat.

When I got to live out our dream it was even better than expected; The only problem I faced was with the bad air quality, which was so dry and dirty it affected our breathing.

I invested in some modern Heating plus A/C equipment, but not the normal kind you use to adjust the temperature. The cooling system in the lodge was good for keeping our cool in the afternoon, and warm at evening. It was not good for air filtration, which needed a huge boost in order to rectify the concerns with our air quality. I also needed to find a powerful humidifier, because of how dry the air was, dry and dirty air doesn’t sound absolutely lovely, but with some minor tweaks to the Heating plus A/C system I was able to rectify the situation, and even separate from the fear of COVID I still wear a mask outside, to give an air filter for our nose and throat from the severe outdoor air quality. Inside the home the media air cleaner keeps it clean, while the humidifier makes it nice and damp.

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