I would love to be able to make a living painting

I am glad enough with my job, but I’d rather be toiling as an artist! Art was consistently my first love, & back when I was in college I used to guess that I was going to be an artist, and i even considered going to art college a couple of times, but it never really worked out for myself and others for some reason. I still do art on the side & on opportunity I get a paying job. I do not guess that I ever would have been able to support myself as an artist, though. I know a lot of people can, although I just don’t guess that I was talented enough to do that, anyway, since I did not guess that it was going to work out for myself and others to be an artist, I ended up going to college to get my heating & cooling certification instead. After high college, when I realized that art college just wasn’t going to work out for me, I signed up at our local technical college & I went through the heating & cooling courses. I did really well in those classes & I certainly enjoyed studying all about heating, cooling, & ventilation technology. It has been about numerous years now since I started toiling at one of the local heating & cooling companies here in town, & I have to say that I really do care about my job as an HVAC serviceman. It is not in the art field at all but it pays the bills & I savor all of the people that I work with & my shoppers.