Heating ducts have cracks

Stella is one of those amazing friends who would never want anything terrible to happen to you.

No matter what she is up to, she tends to drop everything to come to your rescue, however when we met back in college, I was going through a taxing time back at home & acting out, and one night we were at a get together & I got so high that I wasn’t even aware what was happening around me.

Some boys tried to take fortune of that, however Stella stopped them. She stayed with myself and others until I was sober then offered myself and others the greatest lecture of my life. Since then I became close friends & have always looked out for each other, every one of us were both attending college to become Heating & Air Conditioning professionals. Our class had multiple guys, & we were the only ladies in the bunch, but, we managed to excel & land good jobs as Heating & Air Conditioning professionals after college… Getting a Heating & Air Conditioning certification isn’t simple because there’s so much to learn. But, if you are determined, there is nothing you can’t do even in a male dominated field! The other morning, Stella & I were talking since she was away attending a Heating & Air Conditioning conference, but i was telling her about my morning’s assignment which included upgrading Heating & Air Conditioning air duct. It seems the purchaser had taken too long to contact us for air duct cleaning & repair. Now, she was experiencing cold spots all over the place because of gaps & leaks in the air duct, but plus, the air was so terrible because there was so much dirt & dust up there.


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