He said a gorilla could maintenance the heating system.

My uncle was one of the meanest men I know, then he owns an Heating and A/C company and he is consistently talking down to his Heating and A/C servicemans, my partner worked for him for a short time, but it didn’t last long.

He told myself and others if he continued laboring for the man, he was going to get arrested for murder, then i laughed and said it was a superb thing he was quitting, despite the fact that I knew he was serious.

He told myself and others my uncle told him that a monkey could maintenance the heating system faster than he could. I called my dad and told him Uncle Sylvester was getting out of hand and what he had said to Greg, and dad promised to talk to him, however he didn’t suppose if it would do any good, however later that week, the people I was with and I heard Uncle Sylvester was in the hospital. He insulted the wrong man, and he got punched in the nose. His nose was broken, and he could not breathe. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh or guess sorry for him because he could not breathe. He deserved what he got, but that poor Heating and A/C serviceman was going to be fired. Dad told myself and others it wasn’t an Heating and A/C serviceman that punched him out, but his secretary. I thought Aunt Theresa was his secretary, and aunt Theresa was his wife. He said she was his secretary, and she quit when she punched him, then she told him she owned the Heating and A/C company, and he was fired. She wasn’t going to lose one more Heating and A/C serviceman because he was a horrible Heating and A/C company manager.

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