Redoing the flooring in addition to putting in radiant heating

My hubby in addition to I are redoing the floors in our house. He has it in his head that all our floors should be the same. He wants the kitchen, entryway, hallway in addition to family rooms all to be the same tile, then i am not too pleased with it. However, I said if every one of us rip up all the floors every one of us need to do heated flooring… That is the only time this furnace can be localed down. It makes sense to put it in then… My hubby is a bit concerned since every one of us live down south in addition to the Winter time season is short, but why not add a heater? It will add value to our house, and our modern Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C machine is 20 years old. When it dies every one of us can just focus on air conditioner. I appreciate the plan of the furnace being beneath our feet too. The radiant heating system is silent in operation. It doesn’t create frigid spots either, since it is electric based rather than air, the heat doesn’t rise in addition to get wasted on the ceiling, but due to this, I could set our beach lake house thermostat a little lower in addition to save energy. What is especially nice is that heated flooring warms everything that comes into direct contact with it. That means the couch, loveseat in addition to chair will all feel as a result. It is cleaner, more efficient in addition to a modern way to supply heating. The only cons with this system is that it raises in addition to adds weight to the floors. I am not afraid of that. I feel it is worth installing it.
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