Moving to the north for better air quality

I loved the big town lifestyle.

I didn’t own a car, or a bike, because I could walk to take a taxi to anywhere I needed to go, however spoiler alert – I rarely needed to go more than a few blocks away from our small but stylish walk-up apartment.

There was always something to do, and multiple dealers were open 24 hours a day. It was a hectic life, but always a lot of fun. My lungs did not agree, and our doctor said that the pollution and terrible air quality of the town was doing destruction to our respiratory system. Without better air quality, our life expectancy would be remarkably shortened. With that startling news in mind, I took a transfer at work and moved to the country, a place with ample natural ventilation, mediocre temps, and pristine air quality; Just to be on the safe side, I also bought several new pieces of Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit for our new home. It was a picturesque ranch house on the edge of a vast field, and while the air quality was much cleaner, there was also the distinct smell of livestock. I set up an media air purification system and a humidifier in our study room, which helped considerably with the foul odors. I also bought a dehumidifier, just in case I needed it 1 day. The house doesn’t have a central Heating as well as Air Conditioning system, because of how mediocre the weather usually is, so I keep the smaller, portable Heating as well as Air Conditioning devices on hand for when I need them. I have to take our lungs, our health, and our air quality unquestionably seriously.

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