Shouldn’t have unlinkd my boiler

I made a large mistake when I unlinkd my boiler system.

When I moved into my house I was disgusted by the boiler.

It was big, ugly and took up lots of room. The boiler was in the basement and the heat rose up through metal grates in the ceiling. Then the study room was heated as a result. It was efficient but not charming. I converd all the grates but the main one in the middle of the floor. Then the boiler didn’t work so well and the house still looked ugly. I thought I was being so smart by removing the boiler system. I covered the last superb and added a gas fireplace. The fireplace is gorgeous. It has a wood mantel and a stone surround. It showcases a faux fire with a glass front. It looks great, but my house is consistently freezing cold. I regret removing that boiler so much. The fireplace is constant work. I scrub it and schedule maintenance all the time. It can’t hear my living room or affixed office anymore. I have been forced to buy space heaters. I read online that boiler systems can live up to 50 years while a fireplace is more enjoy 12! A boiler can be hooked to heated flooring, a snowmelt system, baseboard heating or be the hot water tank. A fireplace is just a weak heating system. So I unlinkd a charming, powerful gas furnace and replaced it with the worst choice on the market. I am stuck with my fireplace for at least 12 years now. I am not cheerful about that at all.


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