Winning a radio contest wasn’t really my plan

I couldn’t believe that I won a radio contest.

It wasn’t really something that I was planning on.

I mean, I was not even planning to call the show in the first place, much less actually win the contest! I never win anything and I can’t say that I am any good at trivia at all. I don’t know all that much about a variety of things. I do know a lot about a couple of subjects and that’s how I ended up winning a radio contest and getting a brand new HVAC system for my house. The HVAC company even came to my house and installed it for me, too! They were the ones who were sponsoring the radio contest in the first place. The radio program was doing a lot of different advertising spots for the HVAC company and in return, they told the radio program that they would provide them with a brand new, state of the art heating and cooling system for the grand prize for their little call in contest. It was interesting to hear all of the questions that they were asking their listeners when they called in and tried to win. It turned out that the questions that they were asking were about stuff that I know very well. I just so happen to be an expert on Bigfoot and that’s what they were doing the call in program about! I guess no one else in our area really knows all that much about Bigfoot, but I sure do. Whenever I answered the questions that they asked me, I ended up winning the HVAC system for my house!


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