The HVAC angels weren’t with us this past summer

I’m pretty much super comfortable as I watch January work its way through my life.

I love this time of year because the weather is just so pure.

The temperatures are great outside and the sun is shining almost all the time. Plus, the dang heat pump isn’t running. For eight months out of the year, any time I walk out of the house, I can hear a chorus of heat pumps. Where I live, the heat pump is king and we have a neighborhood of them. We had a good one for a lot of years. But last spring, when the HVAC professional came out to do the air conditioning tune up, he broke the news that the heat pump was done. It still was producing heating and cooling but it had hit its limit and would most likely fail very soon. Well, I was caught napping on that one as I really hadn’t prepared for replacing the residential HVAC. So I rolled the dice hoping for just one more summer season out of the heat pump before I put her out to pasture. I even made concessions at the thermostat and pushed the setting much higher last summer. But sure enough, mid August rolled around and I woke up one day to a hot and sticky house. So much for rolling the dice. We had to wait a couple of weeks for the new HVAC unit to get here. Around here, a few hours without air conditioning is no picnic much less a couple of weeks. Our new residential HVAC is awesome and I’m looking forward to many summers to come.


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