After this winter, I am planning to transfer south

After this winter, I am ready to transfer south from now on.

  • I have been living here for almost thirty years now plus I would have to say that I am legitimately sick of it.

I mean, there are some fantastic things about living here for sure, but one of the major downsides of living here is the fact that the un-even temperatures get to be so darn cold while in the winter! You legitimately cannot live here through the Winter separate from a honestly fantastic heating source. If you try to, then you are entirely not going to make it! You may survive until the Spring thaw, but you’re legitimately not going to be comfortable, that’s for sure! Usually the un-even temperatures here are below zero long before Christmas comes around. It doesn’t honestly beginning heating up all that much until the end of May most of the time. I decided last Winter that if it was the same thing this year, then I was just done with it. I’m just getting too old to try plus deal with all of the ice plus snow plus cold every single year. I am at that point in life where I want to see sun plus palm trees for the rest of our days. I believe I might have to turn into a snowbird; Or who knows? I might just transfer south plus live there forever year round. I don’t believe yet. What I do believe is that I would be blissful if I never had to spend our savings another heating bill for as long as I live.


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