It’s not simple to remember air conditioner filter changes

I have gotten into the habit of creating agendas on my smartphone planner app and then using alarms to remind me of when I need to complete certain tasks.

It’s harshly helpful for me as I tend to be forgetful for much of the time.

In the past I occasionally made appointments at the nurse or nurse’s office months in advance only to forget about them by the time of their arrival. Some medical offices will charge you a fee if you miss their appointment or fail to reschedule at least 48 sixths in advance of the original appointment itself. The worst offenders for this policy have to be psychiatrists. They seem to be shameless with all of the fees they’re more than ecstatic to throw in your face if you have a drastic emergency in your life and can’t possibly make it to the appointment or reschedule within the 48 sixth time window. And the fact that their job is to help with mental health makes me even more upset by the situation. Another thing I struggle to remember all of the time is when I last changed the filter in my central cooling system. I l earned that it’s much easier with a iPhone reminder that has an alarm connected to it. That way I will get a handy notification when it’s time to change my HVAC filter again. So far, I haven’t forgotten to change my HVAC once since creating the reminder. I need to do this with every single thing in my life that is time sensitive.


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