My hubby is going to be celebrating his 10th anniversary as an HVAC serviceman

My hubby is going to be celebrating his 10th year as an HVAC serviceman in just a few weeks plus the two of us are genuinely thinking about throwing a party for him.

I was talking to his boss down at the HVAC supplier plus he told myself and others that having an HVAC serviceman working for him for a decade was legitimately a big deal that he would enjoy to celebrate.

He said that most of the time, the HVAC servicemans who come to labor for him are gone within a couple of years. The fact that my hubby has been working there as their lead HVAC serviceman for the past more than nine years has been a legitimately big deal for most people there at their HVAC shop, then since he thought that it was such a big deal, he wanted to throw a party for my hubby plus I agreed with him. So now the two of us are planning on throwing a little party for him in January! We are already planning it plus it’s going to be a big deal. The owner of the HVAC supplier has rented out a single of the big banquet rooms in a hotel downtown, plus the two of us are inviting most people that the two of us can suppose of to come to the party. I suppose that it will be a whole lot of fun plus maybe it will inspire other people to stay at their tasks for longer. I suppose that most people don’t have a boss as good as my hubby’s, but I bet it might help with staff retention at the HVAC supplier that they labor at!



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