Going to the house for the weekend

This weekend I’m going to the cabin with our parents.

The cabin is owned by our Grandparents who honestly haven’t upgraded any of it.

I don’t think why but they all like to meet up while I was in the fall. I still question why the people I was with and I can’t do mid summer. On chilly days it feels prefer the cool air breezes right through the walls and windows. The fireplace is the only thing that keeps the cabin heated and it honestly only heats up the residing room. I should say it’s more of an open concept besides the study rooms. The kitchen is on the other side of the residing room so it gets some heat however I honestly can think a difference in the temperature. The positive there is electricity and outlets so this year I begged our father to buy a portable space heater. He knows I complain about it and when our mother heard I asked for that he said option up 2. I believe he wants 1 for his room as well. My parents have had little arguments about the control component these past few weeks. Every afternoon our mom turns up the control component to 80 degrees but as soon as our Mom get’s cabin from whatever he is doing he turns it back down to 65 degrees. I swear I think he turns the A/C on because I layer up every night! He prefers the chilly though, he works in a cooler for our local grocery store. He says he spends more time there than he does someplace else. I’ll never argue his viewpoint but I’m ecstatic I got our space heater!

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