My sibling wanted to own the family HVAC business.

When our dad started talking about retiring, I thought he was going to offer to sell the HVAC business to me.

Instead of offering, he put the HVAC business up for sale. I had never heard of selling an HVAC business, but our dad did it. He put a paper up in the breakroom announcing he was going to retire as well as wanted to guess if anyone would love to purchase it. I was aggravated as well as walked into the office. I asked why he hadn’t asked me? He told myself and others I was a new HVAC specialist, as well as I didn’t have the experience to run an HVAC business. My sibling overheard the conversation as well as asked why dad was selling the HVAC business. He told her he was tired, as well as he wanted to spend some time with our mom. My sibling said she would take over the HVAC business, then she had gone to school for business administration, as well as it wouldn’t take much for her to understand the business as well as run it. Dad wanted someone who could understand the technical side, as well as the business side, and that evening, our sibling walked into our room as well as told myself and others she wanted to own the family HVAC business. I told her to back off because dad had already told myself and others no. She told myself and others to calm down as well as listen to her, however between our technical expertise of HVAC as well as her business degree, every one of us may make a great team as well as have a dual ownership. I was sure dad would say no when every one of us approached him, even though he nodded as well as said it was worth considering.

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