I never thought he would be an HVAC specialist.

My sibling was a single of the largest snobs I had ever met.

She looked down her nose at everything as well as most people.

She tried to pull her ‘I’m better than are you’ attitude on me, but it wasn’t working. I was her twin sibling as well as knew her better than anyone. She told myself and others that when her child went to school, he was going to go to law or medical school. She wasn’t going to have her child working in a factory or going into homes that you didn’t how the people lived. I told her she was a snob, but it didn’t faze her. I wondered what she was going to do when she found out her child was planning on going to HVAC technical school next summer. My child was telling myself and others that after they graduate school, they are both planning on going to HVAC technical school. They’re both hoping for that end of class position in their instructor’s HVAC business, then little do they know, but our fiance was going to be the instructor next summer. The new HVAC instructor is going to be retiring, as well as our fiance had been offered the position. Not only will our sibling’s child be working in houses that she may not deem worthy of him, but he’ll be working with his uncle, whom she doesn’t like. She thinks our fiance is crude as well as uneducated because he is an HVAC specialist. He has a degree in HVAC engineering as well as business, although she doesn’t need to guess that. Maybe a single day I will educate her, but for now, it keeps her at arm’s length as well as that’s where I love her.

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