Zone controlled HVAC for our different temperature preferences

We both agreed this was the best decision for our relationship moving forward

Sometimes the minor things can cause issues between people. Something that may not seem like a big deal to some people can be a dealbreaker for others. For us, it was actually temperature. My girlfriend and I could never agree on what temperature the home should be. We just started living together, and our relationship was finally getting serious. However, it seemed like this temperature preference was getting in the way of us progressing forward. Because without a doubt, we would fight about the home being too cold or too hot. I was honestly tired of fighting and I wanted it to end, especially over something as minor as the digital thermostat and temperatures. However, I wasn’t really sure how to reach a conclusion without giving in and living the rest of my life uncomfortable in my home. Thankfully, my girlfriend came up with the perfect solution, she brought up the subject of zoned heating and air conditioning. Zoned heating and air conditioning is perfect for multiple people who could not agree on what the temperature should be. Different rooms can have their own temperature, and their own thermostat. We both agreed this was the best decision for our relationship moving forward. Now all we needed to do is call the heating and A/C business to make it official and ask about HVAC installation. Even though it is going to cost quite a bit, it will be well worth it, because we will both be happy and comfortable in our home.

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